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Transformation Through Sacred Healing Practices
Creating Collaborative Consciousness

One Cosmic Giggle is Jodi Roberts' portal
to the world of sacred sound collaborators, health care practitioners, yoga, dance, musicians, storytellers and transformational leaders and artists. Together we change the vibrational frequency of our world to peace, health, gratitude, joy, empowerment and love.

The Star Coyote Sound Temple is the sacred space these collaborators gather, work and offer their transformational gifts to you.

The Star Coyote Sound Temple is a gathering place of teachers, healers, musicians and artists. The alchemy of sacred art and healing creates the invitation for you to know yourself in a deeper way. We offer a safe space of peace, mindful communication, creativity, relaxation, fun, joy and health. The setting is a large house in a quiet neighborhood in Plano Texas. Jodi Roberts is the steward of the sound temple having spent the last 10 years traveling Texas and the Southwest offering sacred sound concerts and healing sessions in venues such as the Crow Collection of Asian Art, the Rothko Chapel, the Texas Children’s Hospital, Fort Hood, and the Cave Without a Name. The music includes drums, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos and gongs. Private and group healing sessions are available. Workshops, classes, mindfulness meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and sacred dance are offered for all ages.

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This is a private residence -address given when you RSVP! Close to Coit and Spring Creek.

Mailing Address:
Jodi Roberts
3100 Independence Pkwy #311-117
Plano, TX 75075


VM/Text 469-344-6484

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