Transformation Through Sacred Healing Practices
Creating Collaborative Consciousness

Star Coyote Sound Temple & Healing Center - Plano Texas Events

This is a private residence -address given when you RSVP! Close to Coit and Parker in Plano TX

Pay by check -made out to Jodi Roberts
3100 Independence Parkway #311-117, Plano TX 75075

Jodi Roberts Private Sessions - Must be paid prior to session

30 Minute Session $65

1 Hour Session $115

90 Minute Session $170

4-Pack of 30 Minute Sessions $245

4-Pack of 1 Hour Sessions $435

4-Pack of 90 Minute Sessions $600

Mailing Address Below: RSVP for physical address

Jodi Roberts
3100 Independence Pkwy #311-117
Plano, TX 75075


VM/Text 469-344-6484

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