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Transformation Through Sacred Healing Practices
Creating Collaborative Consciousness

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Jodi Roberts
HeartMath® Certified Coach, Shamanic Sound Healer and co-founder of Star Coyote Sound Temple

Sacred Inspiration


Are you ready to live a mindful, joyful, creative life of service? Are you ready to actualize your full potential? I create sacred, safe containers for you to be heard, hear yourself, know yourself, your truth and your inner beauty and strength.

Private sessions are a combination of HeartMath techniques, mindful breathing, intention setting, intuitive readings, energy work, guided journey, shadow transformation, shamanic guided journeys, inner child work and sound healing to facilitate the movement of energy and shifting of consciousness. Group events include the HeartMath Personal Resilience Program, sound healing with gongs, crystal bowls, and Tibetan Bowls, shamanic classes and workshops, women's groups and workshops, The School of Creative Mastery Intensives, and Tibetan Bowl training classes.

Phone, Zoom, Factime and Skype shamanic sound sessions, intuitive readings, HeartMath coaching and spiritual counseling sessions are available.

The sessions and group events re-tune, de-stress and relax your body, emotions and mind. You learn new ways of viewing reality and new ways of thinking. Sessions include shamanic shadow transformation, inner child work, energetic and personal boundaries, safety, sacred purpose, expressing creativity, chakra work, resonance and communication with nature, animal and spirit guides. The sessions release trauma, stress, patterns that no longer serve you and allow new pathways of thinking with the head and heart and health.

Guest Teachers and Healers

Jyoti Subramanian Massage

Ronit Mor ND, LE, CCA

Edward Henderson Kid's Music Instructor

Veronica Valles Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Andy McDonald Yoga

Kris Sands
Energetic Healing & Activation - Holistic Energy Practice, LLC

Holistic Energy Practice

People explore energy modalities for validity of reasons: curiosity, a family (spousal) push, physical, mental, spiritual or emotional pain that interferes with daily life, clearing stress, and/or self-full care. My intention is to integrate your healing intent with both your and my inner wisdoms, my teachings from Reiki, Shamanism, Healing Touch Program & HT Animals, Animal Guides and Intuition. I shift and move energy to amplify, support and accelerate your healing journey for your highest good. Whether at the Sound Temple or your home (remote/phone session), I create and provide a safe, comfortable space for you to relax and ask the questions at which your family or friends might have laughed. My goal is to help you realize (or remember) the power you possess to choose and create your future, your journey and your healing. My sessions are best suited for people seeking profound change within themselves, their lives and are committed to doing the work for their growth. For example: caregivers, (you know who you are) the exhausted ones, the ones called to be of service and sometimes have difficulty remembering self-full care. My children's workshops are for awakening children to the wisdom and power within themselves, including Indigo children.

Sara Willerson, LCSW
Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Horses Heart and Soul

Photo by Teri Relyea Berbel

Sara B. Willerson, LCSW is a private practice therapist in North Texas. Horses have always been part of her life. After completing a Masters in Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work she was given a book by her father, The Tao of Equus, by Linda Kohanov. Upon reading this book, Sara knew that her passion and purpose had finally joined up! After completing an Equine Experiential Learning apprenticeship program with Eponaquest in 2003, she created Horses, Heart & Soul, LLC, an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy practice for children, teens and adults. Now located at WolfTree Ranch in Pilot Point, TX, Sara and a very special herd of horses offer conscious healing through The Way of the Horse.

Sara sees horses as natural healers who help us reconnect to our entire being - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Horses have the instinctive gift of mirroring what is going on in our lives. From the moment we step into their presence, horses sense those feelings we keep private. Horses remind us there is more to us that what we present to the outside world. Their unconditional awareness and acceptance of our experience is felt from the moment we step into the pasture with them. Horses are natural geniuses when it comes to identifying and sharing those pieces we keep to ourselves. Through this awareness, they help us reconnect with our heart and soul. Ultimately this reunion inspires healing and growth, an understanding of who we are, and how we will be able to integrate this knowledge into our lives.

Sara's professional experience has focused on working with clients who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, and life transitions. She is particularly interested in working with the current manifestation of past trauma-whether it be depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, self harm, disordered eating, or disconnection. The Horses, Heart & Soul, LLC program offers individual, family, couples, group, and workshop sessions for children, adolescents and adults. Together with her equine partners, Sara invites children and adults to experience the healing power of the horse outside of the traditional office environment.

This is a private residence -address given when you RSVP! Near Coit and Parker in Plano TX

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