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Transformation Through Sacred Healing Practices
Creating Collaborative Consciousness

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Jodi Roberts
Vibroacoustic Therapist
HeartMath Certified Coach
Shamanic Sound Creation Sessions
Founder of Star Coyote Sound Temple and Healing

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Do you want to know who you are, why you are here and how to be healthy and happy?
Are you ready to live a mindful, joyful, creative life of service?
Are you ready to actualize your full potential?
I create sacred, safe containers for you to be heard,
hear yourself, know yourself, your truth and your inner beauty and strength.

Shamanic Sound Creation sessions are a combination of HeartMath techniques,
mindful breathing, intention setting, intuitive readings,
energy work, guided journey, shadow transformation, shamanic guided journeys,
inner child work and sound healing to facilitate the movement of energy
and shifting of consciousness.

Vibroacoustic Therapy Sessions are a full sensory experience in a peaceful healing room
using gentle lights, multiple frequency machines, music and live crystal and Tibetan bowls.
These sessions reduce pain and lower the body/mind/emotion stress responses
while focusing on your intentions.
Intuitive readings and hands off shamanic energy clearing/reiki is done if you choose it.

Group events include the HeartMath Personal Resilience Program, sound journey events with gongs,
crystal bowls, and Tibetan Bowls, shamanic classes and workshops, star shaman workshops,
women's groups and workshops, Sound Mentorship Intensives,
Shamanic Gong Training, and Tibetan Bowl training classes.

Phone, Zoom, Factime and Skype shamanic sound sessions, intuitive readings,
HeartMath coaching and spiritual counseling sessions are available.

The sessions and group events re-tune, de-stress and relax your body, emotions and mind.
You learn new ways of viewing reality and new ways of thinking.
The sessions release trauma, stress, patterns that no longer serve you and
allow new pathways of thinking with the head and heart and health.

Guest Musicians, Teachers and Healers

Barbara Cole Salmeron Gong Trainings

Sara Willerson, LCSW Horses Heart and Soul

Veronica Valles Coach & Workshop Facilitator

Andy McDonald Yoga

This is a private residence -address given when you RSVP! Near Park & Los Rios in East Plano TX

Mailing Address:
Jodi Roberts
3100 Independence Pkwy #311-117
Plano, TX 75075


VM/Text 469-344-6484

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